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Van Education Center online OK real estate school student reviews.
Learn why our Oklahoma real estate students think we are great!

VanEd Real Estate School Reviews

I took our Oklahoma State exam this morning and PASSED!!! Yippee! If you would like a testimonial of some kind regarding your course, I'll be happy to provide one. I think it is an excellent course and well-prepares one for the exam
Jacqueline H.

I've had my license for 15 years and this was a great refresher and I even learned a few things.
Karen W.

As someone who was a teacher for 27 years (from elementary school to university level after getting a PhD), I can't say enough about how well your course is designed.
Suzanne H.

This is the first time I have taken an online course, and I am very happy with the result. I just finished my 2nd course today…Yeeaahh! I will definitely continue taking courses with you and refer you to my associates. Keep up the excellent service.
Jefferson H.

Wow, super-fast response...wish I could say that about other places.
Jeff W.

Although I strongly recommend your company because of the quality of product, it is precisely because of your attention to detail and the quality of service you personally provide that makes me happy to recommend you to everyone that asks.
Jay P.

I've completed all the final exams and want to let you know I thought the course was well organized and easy to move through while learning. The web site was very efficient, and in my opinion, superior to many other sites.
Kathy W.

Thanks so much, I’m going to register soon…and I might add…you all have excellent customer service!

The website is SO user friendly compared to other websites. I've been referring friends to it who are also interested in online education. At least two will be registering with you this fall!
Pauline L.

Thank you! I enjoyed taking classes online with VanEd and will recommend your services to others. Your web site is very user friendly, and all correspondence was answered in a timely manner. When I found it necessary to call VanEd there was always an informative friendly voice there to assist me.
Lillian R.

What I had really appreciated was your constant support, the fact that you were always responsive to my needs, you answered all my questions and that I felt that your school was really interested in my success. I wasn't just someone who had signed up, paid and was left to their own devices. You were recommended to me by a previous student and I certainly will pass on further recommendation to other prospective students.
Julia G.

I do appreciate all of the help that VanEd has given me - the course was great and the support was exceptional! I will recommend you whenever I get the chance.
Sharleen W.

Thank you for your program and especially the support you offer to students. ...I would recommend the VanEd course to anyone. Thank you again for giving me all the support and opportunities to complete this course.
Jane L.

I enjoyed taking the course online better than I anticipated, as I prefer classroom style learning. I appreciate the course and assistance from VanEd. The course and material were obviously good as I passed the test the first time I took it. Cheers!
Gary T.

Excellent system for people who don't have a lot of time.
Jon S.

I just want to say I love your no-hassle, inexpensive, clear, and concise courses! I was in a bind; I couldn't find the courses I needed to take in the time I needed to take it, but thanks to you I'm no longer in that bind! I will definitely re-enroll when I need to again!

VanEd's thoroughness & presentation of material for this online class was excellent. Having my mortgage broker, real estate & appraiser licenses I know where to come for quality distance learning courses!
Mike L.

Thanks again for the response! You guys are the bomb and I love working with your material as you always get back to me when I have questions.
Michael R.

Absolutely loved the course. I actually read and understood more than in a class situation. Added to the fact I could do it on my time schedule has classroom courses beaten hands down. Can maximize my time which is limited. Good for you, and MANY THANKS!

WOW...This was my first on-line course after taking class courses for 10 years. I was able to concentrate better and not be distracted by class members. I will be taking many more via VanEd... Thank you.
Frank G.

Thank you for providing an excellent service. I truly enjoyed taking this course. It was the first one I ever did 'on line' and it was truly wonderful to do. Thank you again.
Kim R.

THANK YOU so much for your help tonight! Good customer service is hard to come by at times. You certainly EXCEEDED my expectations!!!
Stacey M.

You have no idea how much support you have been!!!! I will certainly be recommending VanEd to others.
Sheila K.

Probably seems like a crazy comparison to you, but the last time I enjoyed studying as much as I have with your course was when I was working on my PhD.
Suzanne H.

I want to go on record and tell you that your support staff, your on line chat support and EVERYONE is and has always been amazing to work with. Our IT rep and even Comcast could not say enough about you guys!!
Charlie K., CPM

I thought this was the very best online course I have taken. Clear, concise, well-organized, informative, challenging but fair. I applaud VanEd for this course!
Eldon E.

This is by far the best on-line institution to take real estate classes. Thank you.
Steve R.

I personally got a lot more out of this course than I do would sitting in a classroom. I thought it was comprehensive and required careful attention to the content. I enjoyed it, thank you.
Tammy A

Covered everything so well. As usual VanEd is the best!!
Elizabeth Y

Great tech support - very quick in responding and they had my issue nailed!
Angio O.

Everyone at VanEd has been very kind, professional and helpful. I will tell people so. I truly appreciate it. I wish you all a Happy New Year and continued success.
Stephan B.

Awesome! Great course! Thank you guys so much!
Mathias C.

My calls to the office regarding requirements are always answered quickly and politely. I appreciate your service!
Margery C.

I was very impressed at how the information was presented...somehow it was easy enough to read, clear enough to understand, and in the proper context that the information was assimilated and retained. I learned a lot and appreciated the background offered on both the illustrations and explanations. Thank you.
Micheal L

Great, as usual. The instructor responded to my written exercise answer within hours, and during the weekend. Thanks!
Mark G.

Thanks again for the response! You guys are the bomb and I love working with your material as you always get back to me when I have questions.
Michael R

Enjoying the course. Easy to navigate and great on a tablet and laptop!
Dianna S.

Hello there! First and foremost I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I LOVE your system for my renewal hours. AND you help me keep track of classes taken? Wow! That by itself is worth the nominal fees for your excellent classes.
Donald R.

Thank you for knowing the answers to all my questions!
Deborah N.

The instructors were helpful and the links were also good study to retain the knowledge.
Matt H.

I just wanted to say how wonderful your online course was. I passed both portions today! I had heard most people only pass one or the other the first time. Your practice exams were exceptional. Thank You!
Marla C.

Going on a listing appointment and these items will help a lot.
William B.

I love your company. You are so accommodating, the courses are clear and concise. The ability to go back to one spot to see completed courses is very helpful.
Ann H.

I'm already studying and enjoying it. You've been a great help! VanEd is truly the way to go.
Jeniffer B.

...I have nothing but great things to say about your company every time I call you guys are just over the top amazing :-) thank you so much.
Hillary D.

I learned so much on a personal and professional level. I think this course should be offered in many other applications as it is very beneficial!
Cindy G.

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my real estate exams the first time with flying colors! Thank you so much for all of your help and support throughout my time with VanEd!
Maranda R.

I had an issue with a previous online school, and VanEd heard my story and quickly enrolled me and helped me through the process of renewing my license. I recommended this school to anyone who is looking for a reliable source of education. The staff was always knowledgeable, no matter who answered my calls or responded to my many emails. I am so glad to have been a student of VanEd!
Lacey S.

Very beneficial! Great course with a lot of work associated with it. It will be one I go back to time and again in my RE work. Loved it!
Ian P.

The site is very user friendly, easy to understand and to navigate. I feel prepared in the information provided to take the final exam.
Lori D.

Thank you VanEd. VanEd is my first choice for excellent course content.
Theresa S.

You make my life easy. You always help me with advice about what classes are still needed and assist in any way I have asked. Awesome!
Elsie H.

Just did my Community Association Managers course and test through VanEd. It’s a very tricky and difficult test. The instructor took the time to give me a call yesterday to go over a few pieces I was having trouble with and it was very helpful.
Kimberly M.

Format of course well done/organized and information presented and questioned in way that allowed for learning.
Jonathon P.

Excellent, thorough course. The material was organized in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. Kudos!!
Stepen E.

Just wanted to let you know that I took my exam yesterday and crushed it! Got 90% on the national section and 87.8% on the state section. Thanks for a great education!
A White

Just wanted to let you all know I have appreciated your service and support through the years. You provide a super service. Thanks!
Ivalee D.

Fast, easy to navigate the site, good information. Thank you!
Stacey L.

Thank you SO very much!! You guys are absolutely wonderful & I have recommended VanEd to anyone I know who may be interested in taking online courses!! Everyone there has been beyond helpful since day 1!!
Lauren N.

Thanks again for putting together what, in my opinion, the best choice for anyone interested in passing the License exam!
Trevor M.

The best compliment I can pay you guys is that I will always recommend your services to anyone I meet that that is starting out in Real Estate.
Trevor M.

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